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Sofia Neves | Outside Hitter 

The Most Powerful Arm of Uruguayan Volleyball

After the excellent season held at River Plate in Argentina, Sofia continues her sporting career at the Club Kairos in Portugal. Once again the team has great goals for this season.

Athlete Profile

She is very strong with great power in attack and service. She is competitive and always wants to win and grow as an athlete.  

  • Nationality Uruguay and Italy
  • Position Outside Hitter, Opposite
  • Birthdate 1997/08/29
  • Height 178 cm
  • Spike  cm
  • Block  cm
  • Dominant hand Rigth
  • EU Passport YES

Player Experience

  • Clube kairos 2020/21
  • Juan Ferreira 2019/20 (Champion)
  • River Plate 2019/20
  • San Lorenzo 2015/16
  • Juan Ferreira 2014/15

National Team and Clubs Tournaments

  • Portuguese Federation Cup 2020/21
  • Potuguese Super Cup  2020/21
  • Challenge Cup 2020/21
  • Portuguese Cup 2020/21
  • South American Champion Clubs 2016
  • Pan-americano Cup 2015
  • South American  Championship U20 2012
  • South American Championship U18 2012
  • South American Championship U16 2012


  • Highlights Season 20/21
  • Portuguese Super Cup 2020 ( Full Game )

Sofia Neves se va a jugar el Voley a Portugal

Sofia Neves brillo en River Plate de Buenos Aires
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