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Paul Viloria | Middle Blocker 

Clube Kairos Portugal
Clube Kairos Portugal

The Blocker....

The international athlete from Venezuela Volleyball  National team Paul Viloria renewed contract at the Kairos club in Portugal for the 2020/21 season. Paul has been a pillar of the team at the center of the network. This season continues in the top 5 of the best blockers in the super league.

Athlete Profile

Paul is a strong athlete in the block, for the second consecutive season he is in the ranking (top 5) of the best blockers in the super league. He has a strong suspension service, good game reading, is a team player and very effective in his actions on the field.

  • Nationality Venezuela 
  • Position Middle-blocker
  • Birthdate 1995-06-30
  • Height 205cm
  • Spike 343cm
  • Block 338cm
  • Dominant hand Rigth
  • EU Passport NO

Player Experience

  • Clube Kairós 2019/20 - 2020/21
  • Club Sport Marítimo 2018/19
  • Portugueseños 2017/18 
  • Al Rayyan S.C.2016/17 
  • Gimnasio Libertador
  • Mágicos de Caracas
  • Vikingos de Miranda

National Team and Clubs Tournaments

  • Gulf Clubs Champions12016/17
  • Arab Club Championships 2016/17
  • Qatar QVA Cup 2016/17
  • Portuguese Cup 2018/19
  • Emir Cup 2016/17
  • Qatar QVA Cup 2016/17
  • Qatar Super Cup 2016/17
  • Arab Club Championships 2016
  • Gulf Clubs Champions 2016/17
  • Sul American 2017 with Venezuela ( Silver Medal )
  • Bolivarian Games 2017 with Venezuela ( Gold medal)
  • World League 2016 with Venezuela
  • World League 2015 with Venezuela
  • World Championships U21 2013 with Venezuela
  • World Championships U23 2013 with Venezuela 

Highlights Videos

  1. Portugal Super League 20/21 
  2. Portugal Super League 19/20

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Daniel Escobar | Middle Blocker 

Clube Kairos Portugal
Clube Kairos Portugal
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