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Julieta Cervini | Middle Blocker 

Effectiveness and Talent of Argentine Volleyball

Julieta Cervini belongs to the new generation of middle blockers from Argentina Volleyball National team. She had his training at Velez de Sarsfield and joined AVC Famalicão (Superleague) in Portugal this year.

Athlete Profile

Julieta is an athlete with a winning mentality. It is effective in attack and on the block. She is a team athlete, committed to work. 

  • Nationality Argentina,Italy
  • Position Middle Blocker 
  • Birthdate 1999/03/13
  • Height 185
  • Spike 283 cm
  • Block 273 cm
  • Dominant hand Rigth
  • EU Passport YES

Player Club Experience

  • AVC Famalicão 2020/21
  • Vélez Sarsfield 2015/20

National Team and Clubs Tournaments 

  • Portuguese Federation Cup 20/21
  • Portuguese Super Cup 20/21
  • Portuguese Cup 2020/21
  • World Championship U20 2017
  • Pan American Cup 2017
  • Argentinian Liga A1
  • Portuguese League 2020/21 with AVC Famalicão 
  • Portuguese Cup 2020/21 
  • Argentinian Liga A1 2019/20 with Vélez Sarsfield 
  • 2018/19 Argentinian Liga A1 with Vélez Sarsfield
  • 2017/18 Argentinian Liga A1 with Vélez Sarsfield 
  • Argentinian Liga A1 2016/17 with Vélez Sarsfield  
  • Argentinian Liga A1 2015/16 with Vélez Sarsfield


  1. AVC Famalicão | Portugal Super League 2020/21
  2. Velez Sarsfield | Argentina Super League 2019/20

Julieta Cervini reforça AVC
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