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Daniel Escobar | Middle Blocker 

Clube Kairos Portugal
Clube Kairos Portugal

The Experienced Venezuelan Blocker

Daniel Escobar, the experienced international player from Venezuela Volleyball National team signs a contract with the Club Kairos (Super League) for season 20/21 in order to achieve the goals proposed.

Athlete Profile

Daniel is an experienced and effective player. It is a natural blocker and effective in attack. He is an athlete who guarantees a consistent level of play, guided by regularity. He is an athlete who at key moments in the game always appears to define important points, both in attack and in the block.

  • Nationality Venezuela 
  • Position Middle-blocker
  • Birthdate 1990-07-10
  • Height 202cm
  • Spike 350cm
  • Block 345cm
  • Dominant hand Rigth
  • EU Passport Nó 

Player Experience

  • Clube Kairós 2020/21 
  • CD Póvoa2020/21 2020/21 
  • Famalicense Atlético Clube 2019/20 
  • Portugueseños 2016/17 - 2017/18
  • Vikingos de Miranda 2014/15 

National Team and Clubs Tournaments

  • South American Championship 2011 
  • Venezuelan League 2017/182020/21 Portuguese A1 League 2020/21with CD Póvoa
  • Portuguese A1 League 2020/21 with Clube Kairós
  • Portuguese A1 League 2019/20 with Famalicense Atlético Clube
  • Venezuelan League 2017/18 with Portugueseños 
  • World League 2015 with Venezuela
  • Pan American Cup 2014 with Venezuela
  • World Championships 2014 with Venezuela
  • Pan American Cup 2012 with Venezuela
  • Pan American Cup 2011 with Venezuela
  • South American Championship 2011 with Venezuela

Daniel Escobar é central do FAC - Famalicense Atlético Clube


Reforços da Venezuela para chegar ao topo – Póvoa Semanário

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