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Karina Gamez an example of a successful sports Management career

Karina started her sports career in Mexico and had her first professional experience at CD Aves in Portugal. That same year, She signed a contract with Hapoel kfar Saba, Israel's champion team, where she won a silver medal in the cup and in the championship. This season she signed a contract with an elite team in Cyprus, Anorthosis Famagusta.

We are proud of the successful sporting journey that ours athlete has accomplished and confident that the best is yet to come.

The career of a professional volleyball player... 

Is a dream of many young players, either because of the tradition that the sport has in their contrys, or because of the possibility of changing their lives if they get due recognition on the fields.

The greatest ally for the realization of this dream is the volleyball player's agency. It is important to know that an athlete's career is not usually one of the longest, as the good physical conditioning required for professional performance is compromised with advancing age, in addition to the possibility of injuries that may bring about the volleyball player's retirement. So that time is not wasted, which is something precious for any player, it is essential to be well managed.

If you want to know more about who plays this role, keep reading!

Paul Viloria an example of a successful sports Management career

Paul started out playing in Venezuela, he went through Qatar, Portugal and today he plays for MOK Mursa one of the biggest club in Croatia where he won the silver medal last season.

Who is the volleyball player manager ?

The volleyball player's manager is usually a person who has good traffic in clubs in and abroad around the world, and who knows this market in depth.

Not infrequently, they are old Players who acquired knowledge beyond the lines of the volleyball field.

One of these skills is the clinical eye to identify when a young player is skilled enough to become a star on the pitch.

This task is not so simple, as the potential revelation of the sport will have to demonstrate aptitude with other high-level players, a different reality from neighborhood championships, in which the level fluctuates and is far from the professionalism that will be faced in order to obtain opportunities relevant.

But the contribution to career progression involves other aspects, such as the commercial vision of volleyball.

Katherine Regalado an example of a successful sports Management career

After starting her international career at Sporting Clube de Portugal, Katherine arrives in the 22/23 season at LP Kangasala, team was silver in Finland championship. 

How does the manager contribute to the athlete's career?

In addition to discovering a talent, the volleyball player's agent uses his contacts with clubs managers, for example, to get a test for the player at the beginning of his career. It is very difficult for an athlete, without this agency, to get through a sieve and reach the testing phase.

The manager knows the right people to boost the athlete's career, and this is a merit and a facility that can only be offered by those who are part of this environment.

It is also the agent's attribution to mediate contact with brands that may sponsor him to have their image linked to the athlete. This usually happens when the player already has some prominence due to his good performance - and can generate expressive income.

Greeta Martinelli an example of a successful sports Management career

First international experience at Vitória Sport Clube in Portugal where she won a silver medal in the Portuguese Cup and in the Federation Cup. This season continues his career in an elite team of the Portuguese championship, Sporting Clube de Portugal.

What precautions should the athlete take?

As mentioned before, the athlete's career is not one of the longest, This makes time very relevant, and in order to optimize it, you need to choose professionals who will effectively help leverage your career.

One of the ways to find a good professional is through referrals, such as those made by other players who have had good results with their agents.

Another care that must be taken is in relation to the contract that will be signed between the parties, so that the athlete is not bound by clauses and conditions that are not favorable to him.

To sign a contract, it will be necessary to be over 16 years old, and the reading must be done carefully, because, in it, matters that involve the use of the athlete's image and questions related to the amounts that will be paid will be agreed.

If you are an athlete at the beginning of your career or looking for new opportunities, surely one of the ways to get better results is through the help of this professional.

Ginna Lopez an example of a successful sports Management career

Ginna in Hapoel Kfar Saba Israel Champion Team

Is it possible in the current market for a player to not have a manager ?

It is very difficult and this is one of the most discussed topics. But you have to see this as a normal aspect. The market is so dynamic and global, and there are so many stimuli from so many sides, with the player being enticed from all sides, that if you don't have an element that can block these stimuli and try to guarantee some tranquility, I think that for the player it ends for being harmful. If you don't have people around you who do this work, the player will end up losing focus on training, on the development of their skills and, consequently, on their career.

Do not Forget! 

Working with an experienced professional in sports management is having a partner who will design a short, medium and long term career plan, it is accessing the best opportunities and offers in the international market and enjoying a network of contacts around the world that will help to jumpstart your career.

To choose your agency or representative, you must always certify professional curriculum (how many athletes were managed and ask for evidence of the work carried out)

Beware of direct approaches and related inherent dangers! 

Leaving your country of origin for another country requires obtaining all security guarantees (financial, personal and sporting)! 

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